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No matter your preferred break room solution — vending machines, office coffee, or micro-markets — we are your Atlanta experts.

Go above and beyond

Positive employee culture

Inspire creativity, a social atmosphere, and better productivity by bringing the best refreshments into your break room.

It is time you got the break room service you always wanted. At PBJ, we customize every break room, from fully designed micro markets with custom cabinetry to vending machines wrapped with made-to-order graphics. Let our highly trained break room consultants create the solution perfect for your company based on your needs and goals for the space. Locally owned and operated, we offer a full range of services to the Atlanta area and carry all the most popular products.

Mobile purchasing

Use your phone to pay at our vending machines or micro-markets for fast and convenient shopping.

Real-time information

We invest in smart technology that wirelessly delivers reports about products and sales in real-time.

Cutting edge technology

Innovation from vending machines that refund money if a product doesn’t drop to graphic-enabled kiosk screens.

Eco-friendly procedures

We focus on being green, eliminating unnecessary trucks on the road and limiting food thrown in landfills.

Enjoy the latest break room service advancements

Pre-packaged delivery

Online software tracks items sold at your location to create a specific restocking lists just for your break room.

Brew delicious office coffee service with ease

We make offering delicious coffee in the workplace easy with a full office coffee service solution. Choose from traditional coffee equipment, single-cup coffee brewers, bean-to-cup options, and more. Better coffee and tea options are a tried and true method to improve performance. PBJ can help.

Better Coffee Starts Here


Office coffee has never been easier to maintain. When supplies are running low, simply visit our website to order and restock!

Atlanta vending machines

No line micro-market shopping

Micro-markets are taking the Atlanta area by storm as employees appreciate the variety of options and employers appreciate the improved break room atmosphere. At PBJ, we offer something special — the ability to skip the kiosk and make purchases using your mobile device through the micro-market app.

Atlanta vending machines

Experience delivering complete break room solutions

Coffee service in Atlanta

Enriching micro-markets

Experience delivering complete break room solutions

Atlanta micro-markets

Energizing office coffee service

Deliver coffeehouse quality coffee and tea that will have employees and customers buzzing.

Pantry service in a Atlanta

Alluring pantry service

Make the break room a perk of working at your company by providing free food and drinks.

Vending machines in a Atlanta break room

Satisfying vending service

Eliminate the need to take lengthy breaks off site by offering snacks and drinks in the break room.

Employees in Atlanta
 office enjoying refreshments

One source refreshment service provider

Get everything you need for your break room from one local vendor in the Atlanta area.

Partner with a service provider who can deliver excellence in vending, coffee service, and micro-markets — PBJ Vending at 877-820-8363 (VEND) or e-mail