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Compete with the local cafe right in your break room with the best office coffee service in Atlanta


Your partner in office coffee service

We design office coffee service around your needs, from keeping employees on site with specialty drinks to providing hot beverage benefits.

Brands you love

We bring the high quality coffee and tea brands you enjoy directly to your Atlanta break room.

Pick your brewer

There are many ways to brew delicious coffee at work and we carry all the needed equipment.

Glass of coca cola from a Atlanta vending machine

Add the little thing

Finish off the break area with stir sticks, creamers, cups, napkins, etc. — we offer it all.

Make it your own

Enjoy office coffee service that has been completely customized to your unique location.

Taste the difference of our featured brand — S&D Coffee and teas

S&D Coffee has perfected the art of brewing specialty coffee thanks to 90 years of experience. Their beans are carefully selected, roasted, and blended to create their exclusive line of coffees, available to your Atlanta workplace through our office coffee program. Choose from a line that includes 100% Colombian, Rainforest Alliance Certified Roasts, Supreme Sumantra, Breakfast Blend, and many more.

Gain an edge with quality tea service

Enjoy the positive benefits of drinking tea in your Atlanta break room by opting for one or more of our delicious tea options.

High end brewing technology

With an extensive line of high end coffee brewers, from traditional to single-cup, we can personalize your optimal brewing experience.

Bunn office coffee equipment
Keurig coffee brewer
Bean to cup equipment
Single cup office coffee brewer
  • Go bottle less

    Make great tasting water a reality without hauling, storing, and changing 5 gallon bottles.

  • Get choice

    Choose a water filtration model based on your available space — counter top or floor standing.

  • Gain hot water

    Our water filtration models offer delicious tasting water in two temperatures, hot and cold.

Savor the coffee in your break room with the best office coffee service in Atlanta. Contact PB& J Vending at (877) 820.8363 (VEND);