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Break room enhancing micro-markets for Atlanta businesses

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Stylish, open shelving and coolers

Every product in the micro-market is accessible, so employees can examine each item and read labels . Without the limits of rows and coils, we are able to offer dozens of additional flavors, fresh foods, and new varieties that would not fit in a vending machine.

  • Innovative touchscreen kiosk

    The open concept is made possible by the modern, self-checkout kiosk that is part of the micro-market solution. It allows employees to scan items and pay with cash, credit, and mobile payments all with ease thanks to on-screen instructions.

  • Tailored

    Micro-markets allow for customization of the product offerings, including adding a wide range of delicious healthy items. We also personalize the products based on sales data to offer more of what your employees want.

  • Includes mobile checkout

    With our micro-market solution, employees can use a smartphone along with our mobile app to quickly and easily scan their purchase and pay. It’s a great additional benefit in a fast paced environment where employees want to skip the kiosk.


Keep employees satisfied with convenient and quality snacks, meals and beverages in your custom micro-market.

With a variety of individually packaged options made with fresh ingredients, you can enhance your workplace dining experience today!

Happy employee in Atlanta eating a fresh salad

More options in a better design

Micro markets transform break rooms with their open, high-quality look and overall appeal of more options.

Happy employee in Atlanta eating a fresh salad

Feature YOUR company in the break room with custom graphics for micro-markets

Boost company morale with graphics designed specifically for your organization’s micro-market. Whether it’s a logo, image or your company name, the coolers and open shelving will be wrapped in graphics that reflect who you are. Take your break room one step closer to becoming the ultimate break room by incorporating custom graphics into your micro-market.

Designing micro-market solutions for smaller companies

Meet the mini-market. It’s like a micro-market but on a smaller scale. Designed for companies with 30 to 100 employees, the mini-market offers the same cold beverages, delicious snack options and fresh food with an easy-to-use kiosk. Companies which are too small for traditional micro-market service can now offer their employees sought-after refreshment benefits.

Employees love promotions and rewards

Take your Atlanta micro-market to the next level with highly valued benefits, and keep employees coming back.

Great micro-market benefits come in many different forms from offering products at a partially subsidized cost to product promotions and rewards. In addition to offering a percentage off specific products, promotions and rewards can include combo purchase deals, buy one get one free, wallet reloads (funds preloaded to an account), free credit, happy hour pricing, healthy item incentives and more.

The perfect break room solution

The hubz Smart Cooler is an intelligent break room solution that provides fresher, healthier refreshments in the break room offering a quick and easy grab & go experience for employees.

Making it easy

From technology novices to the tech savvy, our integrated kiosk solution makes checkout secure and simple.

Breaking barriers

Without the size constraints of vending, we can place many different types of items in the micro-market.

Going smart

Web-based inventory management keeps track of what sells and what needs to be restocked at your location.

Happy employee in Atlanta eating a fresh salad

Safety matters

We provide digital cameras that monitor the micro-market to deter theft and tampering with the break room.

Digitally monitored

Cameras around the micro-market capture what is taking place at all hours of the day and night.

Would you want this transformation in your break room?

Before having a micro-market After having a micro-market in a Atlanta break room

Ultimate Refreshment Experience

Create an Atlanta break room that will wow employees with micro-markets from PB&J Vending at (877) 820.8363 (VEND);