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Pantry service that turns your Atlanta break room into a weapon against employee turnover.

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Customize your pantry service product selection

Build your ideal variety of company-sponsored foods and drinks for employees to enjoy in the break room.

Offering pantry service to Atlanta employees changes the feel of your company. It provides a boost in morale, transforms the employee culture, and increases productivity. It can also be time consuming. That’s where PB&J Vending comes in.

Our pantry service is a custom program created just for your location. We make it easy to provide fresh fruit, cereal and candy options, fresh sandwiches, and healthy products. We will even provide microwaves for large volume locations. We provide it all at your request and within your budget.

Pantry service in Atlanta

Options that inspire and impress

We partner with Atlanta locations to build pantry services designed to impress employees.

Shape your pantry service with specific products. Offer employees fresh fruit, gourmet sandwiches, healthy snacks and more. Provide all day snack options from a variety of cereals to workers’ favorite candies through sanitary individual dispensers. We take requests and build a program to your specifications and budget.


Craft the ideal service from our customizable options

Individual programs

Based on the needs of your location, we create a personalized pantry service solution.

Delight employees

Create an inviting atmosphere with trendy snacks, food, and beverages provided free.

Lifestyle support

Meet the demand for healthier products by offering a selection of fresh, natural items.

Pantry made easier

With PB&J Vending you only need one partner for all products and services in the break room.

Easy grab and go

Our Atlanta pantry service is designed to be convenient for our customers and their employees.

Boost the breakroom

Offering edible delights in the break room makes enticing and retaining employees easy.

Place a soda fountain machine in your break room

A more environmentally friendly and cost-conscious option, a plumbed in soda fountain machine offers a convenient way for employees to enjoy icy cold drinks right in your break area. With multiple syrup lines available, you can offer a variety of beverage options all with ease. This is a unique opportunity as we are the only local vending operator that offers you a soda fountain option, and we customize the size and design to fit your needs.

Get the pantry service that makes your break room a sought-after employee benefit from PB&J Vending at (877) 820.8363 (VEND);