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A better break begins with modern vending machines from Atlanta’s best provider

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Technology enhanced vending service

With PB&J Vending you get a higher standard of service along with Atlanta’s most popular brand name products.

Refrigerated deliveries

Never doubt safety or quality of your vending machine items thanks to our fully refrigerated delivery trucks.

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From friendly route drivers to caring customer service representatives, we are there for your every need.

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ePayment flexibility

Enjoy vending machines that accept multiple forms of payment, including mobile payment from your smartphone.

Popular brands

Choose from the quality vending machine products your Atlanta employees and customers know and love.

Vending equipment turned custom creation

We don’t just place vending machines, but transform break rooms. Opt for a custom package that places your logo and unique design front and center on the vending equipment. Inside, all machines use state-of-the-art technology to keep products at the ideal temperature and deliver day after day without incident. Isn’t it time you got to enjoy something from the vending machine, from fresh food from a local commissary to the latest snack or beverage?

Product mix for modern tastes

Our selections includes Atlanta resident favorites that are always in demand, as well as a steady rotation of new options.

Vending machines filled with options to meet all diet needs, including healthier alternatives.
Savor each sip of a classic soda or functional energy drink - we offer all the best varieties.
Indulge in a delicious pastry, cookie, or candy option all made with premium ingredients.
Locally made, this is modern vending machine food that will make employees rave.

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