Atlanta Tea Service | Healthy Beverages | Office Coffee

Tea Service in the Atlanta Break Room: Don’t Kettle For Second Best

Atlanta Tea Service | Healthy Beverages | Office Coffee

To get through the workday, many employees rely on trips to their Atlanta break room for refreshing and healthy beverages. While office coffee service is popular, tea service is just as important. People enjoy tea mid-day due to its refreshing nature and lower caffeine levels.

Tea Flavors for Atlanta Taste Buds

Tea offers Atlanta break room solutions for all office employees, as it comes in various flavors and styles. From traditional tea to herbal concoctions, just about everyone can find a tea that suits their tastes. Some of the most popular tea options include:

  • Black tea: Black tea contains oxidized leaves of the Camellia sinensis bush. A robust, full flavor characterizes black tea, although slightly different flavors develop based on the region harvested.
  • Green tea: Also made from Camellia sinensis leaves, green tea provides a range of health and wellness benefits. Unlike black tea, green tea remains unoxidized. It also contains less caffeine than black tea.
  • White tea: Although made from Camellia sinensis leaves, tea makers harvest white tea leaves only from the Fujian province. These leaves dry on their own, creating a minimally processed tea with a delicate, sweet flavor. It has significantly less caffeine than both black and green tea.
  • Herbal tea: Herbal tea doesn’t contain the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Instead, various herbs, flowers, and fruits make up the flavor. Herbal teas often contain chamomile, peppermint, ginger, hibiscus, and rosehips.
  • Oolong tea: Composed of partially-oxidized Camellia sinensis leaves, oolong tea remains one of the most popular teas in China. It also comes in a range of flavors based on the oxidation level of the leaves.

By providing employees with a variety of teas, businesses meet the needs of all their staff. What’s more, tea bags offer quick self-service convenience and little mess.

Tea Service in Atlanta | Employee Benefit | Corporate Wellness

Green Tea Health Benefits

Although all Atlanta tea drinkers get several health benefits. Drinking green tea, particularly, supplies a significant amount. Research shows that green tea may:

  • Protect against UVB radiation
  • Decrease tumor growth
  • Reduce cardiovascular mortality
  • Improve cholesterol levels
  • Decrease the risk of stroke
  • Improve skin conditions
  • Enhance cognitive brain functions
  • Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

By providing green tea through your Atlanta office coffee & tea service, employees reap the health and wellness benefits of these refreshing beverages.

Non-caffeinated Tea for All Day Enjoyment

While caffeine gives a solution for those mid-day slumps, not everyone can enjoy caffeinated beverages. Many of today’s employees avoid caffeine, especially after lunch.

Herbal teas provide excellent options. Consider supplying peppermint tea, which also boosts energy levels and may stimulate concentration. Or perhaps hibiscus tea, which contains numerous antioxidants. Or even ginger tea, which may reduce inflammation and soothe stomach ailments.

Give Employees the Refreshing Beverages They Desire

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